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Yakult was established in Japan in 1930. Their core product is Yakult Probiotics fermented milk which was proved to help people’s health and wellness, as well asnice complexion and a slim form. Yakult entered Vietnam in 2006 (Yakult Vietnam) and they have just made their sales since June 2008. Up to now, the business operations do not live up to expectation due to their incompetent marketing and promotional activities. As a consequence, this report was composed to analyzeYakult Vietnam’s current situation, and recommend feasible marketing strategies to help them increase their sales in Ho Chi Minh City market in particular.

Target Audience
Yakult’s advertising primarily targeted the major household grocery buyer.

Market Research
A successful launch posed a number of challenges. Market research determined the knowledge, attitudes and opinions of potential consumers. Initial research results indicated: 1. Uncertainty regarding the product’s name, and the bottle’s shape and size 2. A lack of knowledge regarding intestinal bacteria in the digestive system 3. An unwillingness to discuss ‘embarrassing’ body functions 4. A negative reaction towards the term ‘bacteria’ and the idea of consuming it.

Nowadays, almost everyone had heard Yakult.   In our view, Yakult is an extremely famous beverages company.   However, how can we imagine this small beverage can be an international product at the start?   We believed that one of the successful reasons is their marketing strategies, say, Yakult place various advertisements, regularly and develop different flavor in different countries.   Therefore, we are trying to find out what marketing strategies they are using in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, also what are the advantages and disadvantages of these marketing strategies.
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