Yahoo Research Paper

Yahoo! , Jerry Yang (entrepreneur) , Google

Yahoo! Inc is global company which provides internet services to users and business globally. It was founded by a Jerry Yang and David Filo in 1994. The company offers variety kind of services and products for free and premium. Some of the services that they offer are email, search engine, directory, web portal, news, web hosting, radio, music, maps, etc.

Yahoo! is a global internet services company, but it started off as just a personal website. The founders, Jerry Yang and David Filo took the small person website and turned it to really something big. The owners had uniqueness and courage to take their company to the next level from a personal small website. It now receives 3.4 billion page views per day on average. Their business model was about stepping up and taking risk. The founders struggled a lot to make their website something unique, something that would consolidate the average web users. It was having a home on the internet.

Yahoo! grew and grew and they made share-price history. Everything was going rather well for the company. But soon they started to have competitors like Google, MSN, etc. So they had to change their business model. Yahoo was no longer something unique and it was in danger. Yahoo! wanted to be about everything the web users needed on the internet. Technology kept shifting and they had keep themselves up to date with the technology and users needs so that users can everything they need in their website. They had to expand fast. One time they even made a partnership with Google, but it was not enough for them. Then they had partnership with Version and even had their own internet DSL service. They had emails, search engines, games, chatting. Soon they had everything a user needs on the internet. (Spencer, p1)

It was rather going pretty well for Yahoo!. They started controlling everything an average person needs on the internet. But then they realized that their business model had to change again...
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