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intensive uses zones, extensive both lifeguards look at the whole pool 1. quick, bottom to top, not in blind spots, using patterns 2. to stay alert
3. texting, Public relations, procedural mishaps
4. weak swimmers, violent swimmers, running on deck,
5. to maintain safety
6. whistle, hand signals, eye contact, yelling.
7. Public relations
8. politely refer them somewhere else, don’t get distracted, maintain a scan while talking, 9. major, two guards are needed, EMS contacted right away, pool needs to be cleared. 10. if we don’t do contact rescues the victim will not get out quick enough and therefore could suffer more damage, also we can do a vital check if we get close enough 11. focal point has telephone, is relatively close to emergency exits and allows ease of removal of patient 12. practice scenarios in your head, use scanning patterns 13. bottom of the pool

14. a laryngospasm
15. 72 hours
16. 15 minutes to 72 hours
17. difficulty breathing, extreme fatigue, change in behaviour, frothy sputum 18. ask the victim to take two deep breaths, ask them if they inhaled any water. 19. liquid in the lungs can cause swelling of the lung tissues which causes pulmonary edema 20. encourage them to keep coughing until they feel better, if symptoms worsen call EMS. 21. the cervical area of the spinal cord controls the pulling and pushing of the diaphragm which allows the lungs to contract and expand. 22. I would rinse it out with water, and then apply cleaning alcohol via a cotton swab or ball. 23. 1 minute

24. put on gloves, and grab the bridge of the nose while using a “soaker” 25. s
26. I would hose them down with water and try and cool their body down and try to cool them through armpits and knees etc. 27. use a eye wash machine or splash water in his eyes and call EMS 28. run water onto unaffected area so it runs down onto the affected area 29. GST gause, soaker tensor

30. fd
31. dsa...

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