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Topics: Nutrition, Health, Education Pages: 5 (1396 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Task 1
Part A
Observations about the data in Table 3 Divisions of household tasks by sex in Great Britain, 2002 in chapter 4 of Understanding Health module book. • Men don't tend to do the laundry as 5 per cent state they usually do it and 3 per cent say they always do it. • Women tend to leave small repair jobs around the home to the men with 65 per cent of women saying their partner or spouse usually or always did them. • Women are inclined to look after sick family members, 62 per cent of women answered that they always or usually did this. • Shopping for groceries are done equally or both together with 48 percent of men and 44 per cent of women responding to this question. • Men generally do not do the housework as only 7 per cent of men reported they always or usually do it. • Women prepare more of the meals, with a 62 per cent answering it was always or usually them that did this. Limitations of the data

• The study does not reveal if any dependents live at home as this would result in either partner being at home more of the time. • The study does not show if any of the couples that answered were in a civil partnership which would mean the results being unfair. • The study doesn't tell us the employment status for the couples,if one had a job and the other didn't then it is more likely the unemployed partner would do more of the household tasks. • There is no age range in the survey, in the past it was less acceptable for the man to help with domestic jobs whereas the younger generation are more likely to share the chores.

Part B
Question 1
Essay plan
Outline essay content
Describe interventions; diet, fitness and health education
Positive diet: breakfast club- Padiham, free meals-kate/lakshmi Negative diet: vending machines (The Guardian,2004) Science box Positive fitness:Energy boost,yoga (Communitycare, (2004)
Negative fitness:Coupons (The Food Commission,2003)
Positive education:Drinking clean water-dysentery,Lakshmi's future Negative education: National curriculum means less time for healthy living skills

Conclusion:Most interventions have positives and negatives, no single one will change the whole of a school's outlook on healthy living. Most important of the interventions is health education. In the future they will instill their knowledge to their children and raise them using the information about nutrition and health living. In unwesternized worlds if every child is educated it gives them a fighting chance against all the diseases that could affect their whole family. School is only one part of a child's development, they will develop in their homes and with their peers outside of school.

Part B
Question 1
In this essay I will explain what intervention through schools have on the individual and look at the importance this has in providing better health and understanding to its students. The main issues I will be discussing are health education, physical activity and nutrition drawing on material in chapter 5 of the Understanding Health coursebook.

Localities can influence a person's weight and eating patterns in various ways. For example, if the local gym complex or swimming pool was closed by a council or private owner, it may become a problem for local residents to get regular exercise and keep fit. Schools can have a huge impact on a chilld's health and the education surrounding good nutrition and exercise.

The example given in chapter 5.2 explores the different ways two schools influence the health of their students. Kate attends a comprehensive school in Scarborough. She is given free school meals as she is from a low income family and the school provides health education as part of the syllabus. The school also ensures all students do some physical activity as part of their timetable and advice and guidance on health issues is offered through the school nurse and it's drop-in centre. In...
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