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Task 1
Richard Layard stated that ‘happiness comes from outside and within’. The ‘outside’ factors are the external influences on an individual, such as relationships, social identity and their environment. The ‘within’ factors are the biological factors, such as the body’s chemical set up and how the brain works. I will look at these factors individually to establish whether or not it’s the interplay of both that makes people happy. Richard Layard (2005) identified, through a wide range of research a list of factors that promoted feelings of happiness. He called this list his ‘Big Seven’. Top of the list, being the biggest factor affecting happiness was family and other close relationships. Relationships are established in the early years with the first significant relationship being between mother and child. The interaction between the mother and child is significant in how the child learns, develops and interacts with others. This relationship has a lot of bearing on happiness as it’s the first close relationship. Close relationships can lead to happiness and how memories remind one of happy thoughts and chemical changes in the brain. The sense of wellbeing that underlies close relationships helps us deal with problems which may occur during the relationship. Good communication is also an essential part of all relationships especially where happiness is a key attribute. Robert Lane (2000, p.6) identified links between happiness, our feelings of wellbeing and our relationships with family and friends. He believed we gained happiness through our relationships with others ‘it is their affection or dislike, their good or bad opinion of us, their acceptance or rejection that influences our mood’. Lane also discovered that once above the poverty line ones happiness lies in the quality of one’s friendship and family life. Gratitude is a way of maintain relationships as this shows appreciation. By showing gratitude it not only makes the recipient feel good it also...

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