Xyz Video Game Delivery Project

Topics: Video game, Marketing, Massively multiplayer online game Pages: 3 (548 words) Published: March 4, 2013
1. Background
XYZ Marketing & Distribution has made the decision to provide a monthly video game rental programme as a result of extensive market research. The new programme will be web-based and will provide customers with the ability to rent video games using an online service. Customers will pay a monthly subscription for the service which will allow them to order and pay for video games online then receives them via express post. They can keep the games for as long as they wish then simply return them using the paid postage service. XYZ will primarily be focussed on providing educational and sports related gaming though the company will not be restricted to these categories and will provide games for all types of platforms. The intended market will be the general public though the company will be expanding this target to the educational sector and will be providing games that include learning systems used in preschools and elementary schools. The company will also be targeting an international market so will be expected to have services available in many different languages.

2. Project Information
3.1 Project Title
The Video Game Delivery Project

3.2 Purpose
The Purpose of the Video Game Delivery Project is to provide IT infrastructure that will be the platform for an online service supplying computer games to a targeted market. The application supplied will be web-based and will offer the company’s clientele an online subscription service that delivers computer games on a monthly rental basis.

3.3 Objective
The objective of the Video Game Delivery Project is to provide an online rental application that will allow the company to penetrate market share in the online gaming rental market by providing an online subscription service to its customer base.

3.4 In scope
The following activities are in scope for this project:
* Provide hardware for IT infrastructure
* Software development and implementation...
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