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ARUP ROY CHOWDHURY (arup.chowdhury@greatlakes.edu.in) (9176999584) SUDESHNA BANERJEE (Sudeshna.banerjee@greatlakes.edu.in) (8939618334) SANLEEN NARENDRA PAL (Sanleen.pal@greatlakes.edu.in) (8939779661) THE XYLYS CHALLENGE

Case Study Competition
As the old adage goes "Invention is the mother of necessity" and this is true with Swiss watches too. Jean Calvin had brought in reforms in the 16th century banning jewellery and this in turn forced the goldsmiths and the other jewellers to turn to the craft of watch making. For nearly four centuries this industry has churned out products that are constantly at the forefront of innovation, technology and design. The tradition and lineage and the globally renowned craftsmanship sets this industry apart. PROBLEM ANALYSIS: To analyse the current market we need to ask a few questions. Why in spite of being the leading watch maker of India Titan has not been able to become market leader in the high end Swiss watch market? Why in spite of importing the Xylys watches from Switzerland the brand is not having the same kind of recall in the targeted customer market? Why in spite of a superior design and build quality Xylys has not been able to challenge the hegemony of Tissot in this segment? The answer to these questions is not quite straight forward but we believe the crux of the problem lies with the customer perception. When a customer goes to buy a Swiss watch he goes to buy tradition, quality, lineage, finesse, craftsmanship and a slice of history. When the customer goes to buy a Swiss watch is he even aware of Xylys being a Swiss watch? So we believe that our brand building exercise should concentrate on the Awareness Set of the customer and harp on Swiss hereditary of Xylys, with some campaign involving the designers and the fact that it is being imported from Switzerland. We believe this notion that the watches are Swiss made are currently not being...
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