Xpresso Lube

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Xpresso Lube

1. Describe Xpresso Lube’s service package?
* Supporting facilities are physical resources that must be in place before a service can be offered. Include the brick n’ mortar store, car lifts, a waiting room, and various equipment needed for oil changes. * Facilitating goods are the materials purchased or consumed by the buyer. This would include the oil, oil filters, and the coffee. * Information is the data available from the customer or provider to enable efficient customer service. This would include a detailed list of services and coffee selections. It might also include any customer data such as address, phone number, car make/model, or previous services provided. * Explicit services are the benefits that are readily observable by the senses that consists of the essential or intrinsic features of the service. The customer acknowledging that their car runs better after an oil change or the pick-me-up provided by the coffee sold are explicit services. * Implicit services are the psychological benefits that customer senses. Customers receive this by knowing that Xpresso Lube is honest and won’t nickel and dime them. 2. How are the distinctive characteristics of a service operation illustrated by Xpresso Lube? * Customer participation in the service process: Xpresso lube accomplishes this by paying attention to the aesthetics of the waiting area. Unlike commonplace oil change companies, Xpresso lube offers a variety of amenities. There is numerous tables and comfy chairs, an outside patio area, a stereo system and current and appealing reading materials. * Simultaneity: The services are produced and consumed simultaneously, so while the cars are being serviced customers enjoy the aesthetically pleasing wait room, reading materials, and complimentary shuttle services. This enables Xpresso Lube to absorb fluctuations in demand, as customers are not all coming during their lunch breaks, after work, or on Saturdays....
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