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Xpresso Lube’s Service Package
• Supporting Facility
• Facilitating Goods
• Information
• Explicit Services
• Implicit Services
Xpresso Lube’s Distinctive Service Characteristics
* Intangibility
* Perishability
* Heterogeneity
* Simultaneity
* Customer Participation in the Service Process
Xpresso Lube’s Service Classification
* Nature of the service act
* Relationship with customers
* Customization and judgement
* Nature of demand and supply
* Method of service delivery
Xpresso Lubes service package
* Core-Oil Change (“Quick oil/ Lube”)
* Additional-cost & time, Large & equipped waiting room, coffee bar, Transportation Distinctive characteristics of a service firm illustrate by Xpresso Lube * Xpresso lubes implemented service package, which makes customer convinced and comfortable. * In the service management if you are able to make customer your side, ypur 50% job have to be done. * The professional, courteous and well-trained automotive experts at each Zpresso Lube center are there to help make your life easier, keep your car performing its best, and get you back on the road with a smile.

Elements of Xpresso Lube success
* Differentiation through service excellence
* Integrated service networks
* Customer touch point management
* Smart service agents

Relevant Facts
Charlie Green took many steps in creating his service package for his Xpresso Lube. It is centrally located in Austin, Texas on the main street near thriving business and a University that are all within walking distance. This centralized location contributes to his success. Charlie was sure to make the implicit services at Xpresso Lube enjoyable while the customer enjoys an espresso while waiting for their oil to be changed. He supported the facility with an adequate waiting area, with carpeted floors and up-dated reading material. He has created a unique, trustworthy and pleasant business by...
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