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  • Published : February 11, 2012
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Check Point: Code of Ethics
Ashley Corum Lawson
Randy Meisel
February 3, 2012

        Write a code of ethics for your fictional organization. The code may be in a bulleted list or essay format.         Explain how your organization will deal with the relationship among ethics, morality, and social issues within the legal environment. The code of ethics for my company includes the following rules: * Employees should let values guide their actions in all cases. * If something seems wrong, it should be addressed directly. * Policy requires employees to speak up if they are aware of any violations of the code, even those they have committed themselves. * Market responsibly

* Treat people fairly
* Respect the environment
* Keep honest books and records; never trade on inside information; give Kraft Foods your complete business loyalty. * Compliance with laws, rules and regulations
* Confidentiality
* Discrimination and harassment

We believe at my current company that ethics training should start from the beginning. By offering ethics training to all recruits and new employees not only does it head off possible ethical issues but it allows the workers and new employees to understand that our company holds ethical values. By our company, continuing to model ethical values through all managers and employees it becomes transferrable.  At orientation employees receive and sign for the code of ethics. With solid ethical guidelines, a proactive training approach, and a monitoring system, with trustworthy managers to enforce the rules, our company will continue to set the industry for conducting and operating an ethical, safe, and healthy working environment.
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