Xfinity Cable’s Current Advertising Campaign

Topics: Internet, Comcast, Broadband Internet access Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Xfinity Cable’s Current Advertising Campaign
Comcast Corporation, that has recently rebranded itself as Xfinity, has reintroduced their spokes-turtles, The Slowskys with a new member of the turtle family. In the first of the two new advertising spots on TV, Karolyn and Bill Slowsky try to announce the addition of their offspring are mixed up on the baby’s name because “We're not fast like Xfinity," Karolyn explains” (Reynolds, Spangler, & Gibbons, 2011, para. 2). They are unsure of his name due to the slowness of DSL and the fact that they did not receive their emails in time, with Karolyn stating that his name was Stanley and Bill identifying him as Bill Jr. (ComcastVoices, 2011). The second commercial compares Xfinity Cable’s broadband internet to AT&Ts U-Verse plan by introducing baby Slowskys first word, “Slow” (siouxmoux3, 2011). Communication of the product’s benefits

A commercial for Xfinity internet has to help the consumer perceive the product as satisfying their need for fast internet access by successfully communicating the benefit of Xfinity’s product. The features of Xfinity cable internet deliver its benefits which are the “solutions to customer problems or needs delivered by the product” (Mullins & Walker, 2010, p. 250). Not all of the identified benefits of Xfinity’s internet access are communicated in the Slowsky commercials, but the first and foremost feature of Speed is succinctly communicated. According to their website, Xfinity defines that with their cable internet, you are able to “Download HD movies, music, games and more, watch TV online, upload photos or just enjoy the Internet all at lightning-fast speeds” (Comcast Corp, 2011). The Slowskys are an animatronic turtle couple that emphasizes the fact that they are so happy with DSL because if they were to get Xfinity, it would be far too fast for them. Some of the other features that are offered by Xfinity Cable’s internet access are online security and protection from Constant Guard...
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