Xerxes' Succession to King

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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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Xerxes ‘Succession to King’
Although Xerxes is known to be the crown prince of Persia he did not just straightforwardly become heir to the throne there were in fact many quarrels. The following report will highlight the reasons as to how and why Xerxes ‘Succession to King.’

At first Darius’s eldest son Artobazane and Xerxes half brother appeared to have been named as Darius’s successor in 507BC. However before Darius’s death squabbles over the succession erupted between the supporters of Artobazane and those of Xerxes. An inscription dating to the beginning of Xerxes region alludes to this power struggle:

“Other Son’s of Darius there were, (but) – thus unto Ahruamazda was the desire – Darius my father made me the greatest after himself.”

This Quote from Xerxes claims that it was the God Ahuramazda’s desire for him to be king. Also Xerxes had better claim to the throne then the rest of his brothers because firstly because Xerxes was the first and eldest son Darius had after he became king. Also Because Xerxes mother was Atossa who was the daughter of Cyrus the Great-(it was he who established the empire). Therefore this made Xerxes the grandson and blood linked directly to Cyrus the Great.

Furthermore Olmsted believes Xerxes was Satrap of Babylon for approximately twelve years. Olmsted basis this belief on an inscription from Borsippa, near Babylon, which refers to the completion of a ‘new Palace’ by the king’s son. Therefore possible that this period provided training for Xerxes future role as king. However Xerxes name is not mentioned in this inscription which meant it could have been Xerxes or any of his other brothers.

In addition a Persepolis inscription suggests Xerxes co-ruled with his father for a number of years. Though to Sources refer to an initial challenge by Ariamenes, brother to Xerxes and also older than Xerxes. Ariamenes travelled from his Satrapy of Bactria to contest the Throne, but having been won over, remained...
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