Xerox: Management and Multinational Development Center

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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ase: Managing Xerox’s Multinational Development Center

1. What strategies did Clendenin use to accomplish his objectives at Xerox? Clendenin started his post HBS wrking career establishing personal goals before accepting the role at Xerox. This gave him a road map for personal achievement. Struggling w lack of initial support(bc managers goals weren’t inline w the firms mandate) he started out building a strong network of management level individuals that ultimately allowed him to create a prosperous business in the firm, MDC. THE PLAN 1) multinational distribution steering committee chaired by Zivan, composed of VPs for logistics and distribution for Xerox’s worldwide operating units, would set an overall strategy for multinational distribution) 2) a multinational working group composed of mgrs from the operating units at level of Ketchem (Clendenin’s boss), would flesh out strategies of (1) with detailed implementation plans 3) a Multinational Development Center (MDC) identify promising opportunities for improvements in multinational logistics mgmt. for the steering committee, continue to be responsible for developing and maintaining multinational logistics computer systems

2. What tactics did Clendenin use to influence others and build support? How effective were these tactics? Kept a low profile….“we” instead of “I”, and having everyone cooperate with each other without really noticing that Clendenin was pulling the strings…would agree w both sides in an argument to get the sides to agree. The strategy worked: budget grew 1000% from 400k to 4mm increasing staff 4 to 42 people. It was only when Clendnin got more power did people start to resist. Clendnin also monitored his group closely…but allowed people to wrk as they pleased until things didn’t get done. • Building trust and managing conflict:

Clendenin uses psychological skills but don’t feel it’s manipulative because it’s genuine, trust him to do......
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