Xerox Co. Diversity

Topics: Xerox, Ursula Burns, Anne M. Mulcahy Pages: 6 (1509 words) Published: September 26, 2011
How would Xerox define diversity? How has its definition changed over the years? In business , diversity has seen action in the managing of human resource as essential capital in fostering businesses at a global scale . Diversity is also seen as a concept where differences can be a powerful resource . Based on the Case facts, Xerox value diversity as the most priceless resource to drive the company towards achieving its goals. According to Xerox Chairman & former CEO, Anne M. Mulcahy, diversity is not just about race, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability. She and the staff believed that diversity provide an environment for employee to grow for their fullest potential. Employee with different ways of thinking and different ways of perceiving the world are able to create innovative solutions. Diversity has the power to promoting cultures of inclusion that help create a more equitable and apportunity-based environment for all. On top of that, the company believe that diversity somehow breeds creativity as they saw with their own eyes over the years. As a summary, Xerox definition of diversity would be; diversity = success. Diversity has become a way of life at Xerox. It shows by valuing creative, motivated employees with different backgrounds and perspectives have been strengthen Xerox work environment and create business opportunities. There is no question that Verox’s commitment to diversity will going to be stronger ever than before.

What are the seven reasons why Xerox should be motivated to diversify their workforce? Illustrate how Xerox shows it values workplace diversity? The seven reasons that motivated Xerox to diversify their workforce append as below : * Nature of business

As stated clearly in the case fact, the lifeblood of this kind of business is fresh ideas. By applying managing diversity appropriately, Xerox believe they have the key to achieving critical business results.

* Innovation
Xerox spend almost 5% of its revenue to Research and Development and Engineering. In order to continuously implementing innovation, People with different backgrounds and attitudes bring fresh ideas and perceptions, and a diverse organization can draw upon the widest range of experiences so it can listen to, and meet, the needs of its customers and the community it serves.

* Social situation
Way back to 1960’s, Xerox first chairman took a crucial decision to create a more diverse workforce in response to race riots. The decision protected the company form unstable economic situation back then and hoping the same in future.

* Advancement of minorities and female
In 1980s, Xerox started to realize that these groups have appropriate abilities and potentials to generate profit and benefit to the company. Xerox have to take advantages on this to keep the company at the forefront of their industry.

* Empowering individuality
By recognizing and respecting diversity, the company manages to create productive people and an innovative organization. Proven from past results, Xerox is motivated to maintain diversity in their workforce.

* Business reputation
As the world’s most admired company in the computer industry, reputation plays a major role in generating its profit. By respecting and valuing diversity, Xerox gain respect not only from the competitors but also the customers and the communities.

* Balance workforce Strategy
The strategy aimed to achieve unbiased representation for woman and minorities throughout the organization at all times. Xerox believe that these groups could give them advantages to compete with other industry players.

How Xerox shows it values workplace diversity :
Xerox have design its own diversity programs in order for the company to benefit more from increased productivity and morale from workplace diversity. Xerox have integrated this principle in all aspects of the operation of the company from its...
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