Xcom 285 Technology Advancement in Communication

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  • Published : October 20, 2010
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Technological Advancement in Communication

In the article “Superhero in the Cubicle”, different technological advancements were discussed concerning communication. It discusses that in larger companies such as Microsoft is one of the most useful tools in the world of collaborative technology. But most business does not see that and the culture of their business may fail. Technology is always changing and trying to change for the better, so that it is easier for companies to revolutionize. As for collaborative technologies they are the seeds of the next Web revolution (“Superhero in the Cubicle,” 2007).

The term “wikinomics” is the sum of business dynamics of the tools that will make leaders of different companies around the world combine record-keeping, blogging, bookmarking pages etc. This technological communication helps the workers manage files of all receipts, different styles of forms, e-mails, voicemail, instant messaging, and chat logs. Another technological communication that was mentioned was the smartsheet.com. The smartsheet.com helped with companies that needed different languages to relay business to other companies throughout the world. For example in the spreadsheet it would have different columns for different languages. If you spoke Hindu there would be a column for that specific language.

I am going to compare and contrast the mashup software and the smartsheet.com. First benefits of the Kapow Mashup Server lets users gather information regardless the format of the source. It combines all the data from internal and external sources form web pages and redeploy’s it an entirely different way so it can be easily understood. A good selling point of this software is that there is no need to call the IT people of the software everything is downloadable and purchasable form the vendor’s website. The downfall of the mashup software is the cost of the full version starts at 50,000. The smartsheet.com is a good resource for a...
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