Xbox Kinect vs. Playstation Move

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Motion Controllers
Xbox Kinect Vs. PlayStation Move

Report Overview
This report is divided into two main sections, Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move. Each section contains an overview and four subsections. These subsections appropriately outline the important information on the two types of motion controllers: features, gaming options, price, and ratings. The final section outlines my opinion on which motion controller is best and how the sources led me to that decision. Xbox 360 – Kinect

According to Matt Burns, Kinect provides a whole new way to play, giving players the freedom to jump, duck, and spin through interactive games (2010). The use of a single color camera for recognition along with two monochrome cameras for determining three-dimensional space allows a controller-free, body-motion gaming (Greenwald 2010). The microphone allows for interaction not only through movement but speech as well, navigating games and console with voice commands. Kinect is priced at $150 and has 17 family-friendly games (Greenwald 2010). Rahul Thadani states that Kinect was the most innovative gadget of 2010 (2011). Features

* Depth-sensing camera
* Full body motion based gaming
* Accurate tracking and few lags
* No controller
* Microphone
* Control system using voice commands or hand waves
* Face recognition sign in
* 1-4 people at a time
(Greenwald, 2010)
Gaming Options
According to Matt Burns, the creator of Xbox, is more concentrated on user experience than gaming (2010). Games are more casual-party or family oriented, not for a serious gamer. There are currently 17 Kinect games, most are categorized into sports, dance or fitness (Greenwald, 2010). For the voice control portion of Kinect, normal games that once used regular controllers are being equipped with the ability of interaction through speech. An example of this technology is the new FIFA 2013 game where you can talk to referees and players, while receiving...
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