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Topics: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Video game console Pages: 2 (860 words) Published: March 19, 2013
What Makes the Xbox Better than the PS3

What makes the Xbox 360 better than the PlayStation 3? There has been so many arguments and test that have been conducted because of this 2 very popular gaming consoles. That’s why now they have Xbox and PlayStation Fan clubs. These 2 consoles have there cons and pros but in my opinion, I think that the Xbox is a better choice for anybody that loves gaming and this is why. Xbox 360 is a better experience than the PlayStation 3. My reason for this is that Xbox has better games(exclusive games) that people like. Mass Effect 2 , Halo Reach and Fable 3 are only a few of the highest rated games that are only available for Xbox. This games have amazingly good graphics and look pretty real. Although the Xbox has a pretty big library of exclusive games , it also has exclusive arcade games from the Xbox live market. Unfortunately you have to pay to play online with other Xbox members, but unlike any other memberships, Xbox Live is actually worth paying for. The Xbox live interface is user-friendly and has easy access to content online. Xbox live parties is also a cool feature that helps you communicate with other players. Messaging is also a cool feature but for a better experience you would have to purchase a messaging pad. You can also do video chat with the Kinect Motion Sensor. The Kinect motion sensor is a new feature that lets you play games without holding a controller because your the controller. Some people prefer the PS3 move but there are some cons to that. If you are playing games where you are required to move your arms and hands excessively then you could end up throwing your controller at your television set that probably cost your over 500 dollars. That is the same problem that the Wii has been having for a while and they have been sued multiple times for this problems. They have tried to fix this problem by adding wrist straps and warning signs when they start up the consoles but there are people that ignore...
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