Xample of a Reflective Account from Which to Develop an

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  • Published : January 11, 2011
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Recently I have been studying on a Masters course and have been studying about leadership and management in health. I have little practical experience of leadership and management of health projects or services. It is important that I reflect on my learning as I hope to develop my skills and experience of management and leadership once I leave the university. Greenwood( 1993) suggests that reflection is about considering what one is doing whilst doing it and is often the result of something that has surprised the practitioner. Fitzgerald (1994) believes that the individual is retrospectively considering practice undertaken through recall, thereby uncovering the knowledge used in that particular incident or situation. There are various models that can be used to reflect on learning and practical experience. Gibbs reflective cycle ( 1988) provides a useful framework to reflect on my learning about leadership and management. For the purposed of this assessment I will use Gibbs cycle to help structure and guide my analysis and reflection of my learning relating to leadership and management. Gibbs model

Gibbs model is straightforward and covers 6 key areas.. The situation is described, feelings are considered, the experience is evaluated, the situation analysed for clarity , conclusions are drawn and an action plan is developed so that the individual can consider what they would do if the situation arose again. At the conclusion stage it is also important to consider what else could have been done to affect a different outcome. A model diagram can be seen below. GIBBS REFLECTIVE CYCLE

(What happened?)
Action PlanFeelings
(If it arose again what (What were you
would you do?) thinking & feeling?)

(What was good & bad
about the experience?
Analysis (What sense...
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