Xacc 280 Week 7 Exercise

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  • Published : October 2, 2011
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Two business sectors that I am currently interested in working for would be either an accountant for any company or as a managerial position as well. The current interest I have is in the military but the field I am looking for is as a manager position for soldiers as well. Afterwards I am looking to pursue an accounting degree to continue my current professional career. The type of accounting I am interested in is a CPA mainly. The reason I would prefer a CPA position is because I can see through this course how it is somewhat done and as a future CPA I will be doing something like these exercises. The managerial accounting is something like I also like in accounting as well with its accounting over managers in an organization. It is unconventional and looks forward rather than on past inquiries. It also seems interesting and I am interested in learning that type of accounting.

As a CPA, I have learned that they do not typically work for firms or any organization because they have the accreditation to do taxes without the need of a company. I do find the job interesting and believe it will be easier if I have experience in accounting first rather than just becoming a CPA. As a CPA, I believe the job is going to require a lot of hours during tax season and will also be easier working with people in a more comfortable environment versus a business office. The job will be interesting and as long as I am leaded correctly as an accountant first, then I see my future as a CPA being good.
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