Xacc/280 Financial Analysis

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Financial Analysis


February 05, 2012

The two major companies that manufacture beverages are PepsiCo and the Cocoa-Cola Co. These two companies have been in competition for many years and both companies have a variety of choices when purchasing one of their beverages. These companies can be identified through their products such as; if a person were to buy a Pepsi the person would know it came from PepsiCo, and if someone were to buy a coke they would know it was from the Cocoa-Cola Co.

In this report there are vertical analysis and horizontal analysis with these two companies. The comparison between the two companies could be beneficial for an investor who wants to invest their money with either company. Although if a person were to invest in either company they would need to do more extensive searches on their own to know that they are investing in the company wisely.

PepsiCo and Cocoa-Cola keeps their prices low enough that everyone can afford to buy them. I will be explaining how the two company’s stated above stayed on top over the last two decades and discuss their financial statements such as; income statements, and balance sheets for these companies.

While there are many distributors in todays market Pepsi and Cocoa-Cola have rose to the top and stayed there for many years and I would say they will probably stay there for many years to come. It looks like PepsiCo and Cocoa-Cola found a plan and stuck with it. They seem to being doing fine with their marketing skills.

According to "The Coca-Cola Company to Present at Consumer Analyst Group of New York Conference" (2006-2012), The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) is the world's largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands (Para. 2).

According to "PepsiCo 2010 Annual Report" (2010), our businesses...
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