Wyoming Political Identity

Topics: Wyoming, U.S. state, Alan K. Simpson Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: April 16, 2008
Lately we have been discussing a lot about how Wyoming and its elected officials have become great examples and influences for our state and I think there have been a few legislators in the past decade or so who have made a major impact on how Wyoming views ourselves and how we are viewed nationally. With the lowest population of all the 50 states, we are stereotyped into a category where our votes are considered sometimes a “nuisance” and “dead-weight”. It wasn’t till politicians such as Senator Mike Enzi and Senator Al Simpson was Wyoming finally put on the political map. Senator Mike Enzi is the chairman of the Health Administration board and has received numerous awards and honors in his quest to grant Wyoming and America a better health care system. Senator Al Simpson (1979-1997) was chairman of the Veteran’s Affairs Committee and is a well known and very well respected on Capitol Hill. He was a considered candidate for George H.W. Bush in 1988 and has raised over $200 million dollars for the University of Wyoming. He is well respected for his advocacy for civil rights, abortion and gay rights.

It will be men like these that will make a lasting name for our wonderful state Wyoming. They have left a legacy in Washington that our up and coming elected officials (hopefully myself) shall model our own actions after and follow in their footsteps. The state of Wyoming greatly appreciates the years of service they have endured for our nation’s greatest citizens.
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