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Angela calienni

The psychological aspects of a college education can be stressful but once obtained an individual won’t have to stress over not being qualified for employment or what type of job they are eligible to get. Going to college can be stressful and may cause anxiety for student’s achieving their goals in life, but some might say undergoing a college degree is better than ending up in a blue collar work position where it is possible to become mentally and psychically exhausted for a minimal salary. In the essay Blue Collar Brilliance, Rose discusses his mother’s position as a waitress, “A waitress acquires knowledge and intuition about the way and the rhythms of the restaurant business” (245). A person working in that type of job must know the needs customers have and the way to fill them and ensure the happiness of those customers, or they will not return. She has to coordinate her behavior and use physical skill make herself efficient in her job field. Some may feel the manual labor for that type of position can wear on a person’s body by constantly moving and not having much of a set break. The mental stress over serving people and making sure they are happy leaves the waitress at ends with herself. One in this industry may ask themselves, what about my needs and well-being? Another problem with working a blue collar job is the wages earned. A waitress relies on tips received from customers depending on her service and the mood people are in, and she can walk out with nothing. “Her tip is based on responding to customer’s needs”(Rose246). Making sure people are happy and get everything they need is most important even if that means the waitress doesn’t get a break to eat or have water. Some may think this is an extreme while others may see it as a reality. Her needs cannot be thought about until customers are happy; otherwise she may not leave with enough money for herself. Rose fails to acknowledge, the downfall of his mother’s...
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