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We ( Roy Lin and Joe) have some idea after the lecture of the Corporate Venture, we still think it is not many good choice for the entrepreneur, especially the small entrepreneurs. To VC or CVC, they are still looking for the projects with the good future, and some small projects is really profitable but the cost is very high for VC/CVC searching and help to set them up. To the entrepreneur, it is really not easy to find the VC and CVC can invest them.

We try to set up the new company who can runs www.entrepreneur.com as the platform for the investors and entrepreneurs. Before we set up the business, we should consider the business/profit model of us and the value add we can provide to the customers.

First we should understand the needs of the entrepreneur. I am an entrepreneur now and really know what we are thinking, we need investment but do not like to expose the good idea to everybody, so the trust and confidential is very critical between the CVC/VC with us. Second, we hardly know what’s the focus(industry) and period the CVC/VC like to invest. We waste a lot of time to find the right investor and set up the trust relationship, and delay the launch of the new business. If someone can help in the initial to find the right investor with the high trust, it is really benefit and value add to the entrepreneur.

Consider the CVC and VC, they need the profit of the projects or the new business can combine with their current business. But it take them a lot of time to get and evaluate the projects, some small projects is very good, but it take too much cost to set up, so many CVC and VC invest at least several million US$ and will not invest to the small projects. The different investor like to invest in the different stage according their own policy, so some choose initial, some choose growing, some choose before IPO, and it take investors’ time to find the matched projects. If someone can help to find the profit/right projects, lower the...
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