Wwii Hitler and Stalin

Topics: World War II, Soviet Union, Operation Barbarossa Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: May 8, 2013
World War II and the Soviet Union
With 23,954,000 in casualties in Russia alone, the battle between Germany and the Soviet Union during World War II was the greatest conflict in history ever fought on a single front. Germany’s plight against communism went directly against Russia communistic was of life. The tension between the two large enemies was already there. Forming a secret pact dividing Poland between Germany and Russia after its invasion, Germany gained Russia as an ally. Instead of honoring the pact, Adolf Hitler invaded Russia, also known as Operation Barbarossa, stabbing Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union, in the back. Although enemies from the beginning, this broken pact brought on the Great War between Russia and Germany, Since Stalin wanted his people to see him as a strong leader, knew Hitler’s actions would not go unpunished. Joseph Stalin was the leader of Russia, one of the most powerful communistic countries in the world. Stain spent his first year after the revolution building up his power within the Soviet Union. He had supremacy over the communist party of Russia, and thus, the country itself. Regarding the faulty pact between Stalin and Halter:

Stalin was up to this point very wary of the Germans, and would not permit his armies to even assume defensive positions for fear of sending the wrong signals to Hitler. Up to the final moment and the invasions by the Germans, he held out hope the Molotov-Rippentrop Pact would buy him time to modernize and strengthen his military, which was weakened by purges. A strong military leader, Stalin regained the initiative of the war, later pushing Germany out. Much of Stalin's rise to power and influence during World War II was credited to his strategic use of propaganda. One of the reasons for the major support of the war within Russia was Stalin’s use of war posters and other propaganda. Positioning the leader of Russia in a positive light, the liberal us on one-sided posters boosted Stalin’s image...
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