Wwi, Wwii and the Cold War

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Unit 7 Writing Assignment
Review 7.2
Final Short Paper

Throughout the course readings, discussions, and short papers you have explored events, topics, and themes in history that range from 1877 to the present.

As this course concludes consider all that has been covered. Select any two events/topics/themes that we have learned about that you feel are essential to understanding America as it is today and explain why.

Take the time to think carefully about this topic and conduct research that supports your ideas. Feel free to engage in a dialogue on this with your peers in the General Questions forum. At the end of Module Eight you will submit a final short paper.

As always, please refer to the Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics folder for specifics in developing your paper. However, please note this final short paper should be TWO to THREE pages in length to adequately cover your topics. Be sure to use specifics and cite sources that have been covered throughout the term. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX MY WORK

There were many reasons that the United States entered into World War I. Some of these included unlimited Submarine warfare, the Sussex Pledge being broken, and the Zimmerman Telegram. Although the sinking of the Lusitania (May 1915) was before the US entered into World War 1, it was one of the events that lead up to the US involvement.  I thought it was interesting that there were newspaper advertisements paid for by the German Embassy that said that any ship traveling to into the European War Zone did so at their own risk and they were potential targets for German submarines. I believe that many of the ships at that time were being used both to transport travelers and arms and munitions to help in the war effort. The Lusitania was actually in fact carrying 4,200 cases of small arms ammunition. This made them a legitimate target for the Germans. Usually, the attackers would send out a warning that the ship would be sunk. This would give those on board time to get off and into the safety of life boats. One history blogger wrote the following:

So it was in their best interest to sink any ship carry such items. However, if only they could have done it a little easier by telling everyone to abandon ship and then sunk her.

The problem with that was that the German's originally did that with ships. They would surface and tell the ships company to go to the boats and after all were off they would sink the ship with gun fire or torpedo's. But after this bit of courtesy was started the Allies would ram the U boats. So they stopped that practice.

Therefore when the U 20 saw the Lusitania she did not surface, she just fired one torpedo, just one. That one torpedo caused a 790 foot liner to go down in 18 minutes! (Stanley,2008) The American people were outraged by this attack. There were 128 American civilians killed in this event. Since the United States was not involved in the War, yet, it caused many people to be in favor of joining the War effort. Many people believed that the attack was a calculated provocation of the US on Germany’s part. After the uproar about the attack, to placate the Americans, the Germans gave an informal assurance to President Wilson of America, that there would be no repeat of the Lusitania and the 'sink on sight' policy was called off on September 18th 1915 - though it was re-introduced on February 1st 1917. (History Learning Site) This was known as the Sussex Pledge. This was broken in February 1917. Although the sinking of the Lusitania was before the US entered into World War 1, it took two years before the United States officially entered into the war on April 6, 1917.  In my research of the causes and results of World War I (WWI) I found a list on Wikipedia. Some of the most important long term or structural causes are: * The growth of nationalism across Europe

* Unresolved territorial disputes...
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