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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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The Great War of 1914, or World War I, dramatically changed the stage of Europe Politically, Economically and Socially. The Treaty of Versailles, Paris peace Conference, and the loss of power in the Austro-Hungarian, German, and Russian Empire, were all major Political events. Economically, the United States of America greatly benefited from the war; meanwhile Europe’s economies were vastly inflating. All social classes were deemed equal, women gained rights and jobs, and most men were contributing to the war effort on the front lines.

The treaty of Versailles (and many other treaties) officially ended World War I. One of the terms of the treaty was that Germany and Austria-Hungary had to accept responsibility for the war. German Emperor Wilhelm II was tried as a war criminal, along with others. The Rhineland of Germany would be occupied by allied troops for a period of 15 years. Germany was restricted to no more than 100,000 troops. No weapons importing or exporting to or from Germany was to be allowed. The Paris Peace Conference was the meeting of the allied powers following the end of World War I. This took place in Paris in 1919. 32 nationalities and Countries took place at this conference. Like the Treaty of Versailles, The purpose and end result is stiff financial penalties embarked on Germany. Due to the crippling debt, tight constrictions, and little room for re building of the Austro-Hungarian and German empires.

Preceding the beginning of World War I, the United States was developing the massive industrialist nation. The majority of the USA was manufacturing War materials to sell to the Allies and Central powers. Because of the economic turmoil in Europe, none of the nations could productively manufacture massive amounts of Weapons. While the European nations were occupied with warfare, the Americans were mass-producing enormous amounts of weapons. While trading to both sides occurred, the Allied forces purchased more of the American manufactured...
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