Wwi Effect on Status of Women and African Americans

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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World War I made a great impact towards the status of women and African Americans living in the United States. Both of these groups were facing hardships and wanted to make a difference by voicing their opinions and change their roles in society and status. Eventually, after some time, they did.

Before World War I, a women’s role consisted of domestic labor such as; teaching, nursing, and agriculture. These women were not quite seen as equal to men, or capable of doing what men during that time could. However, by the time the War had begun, many men were being called to serve; the jobs of men were starting to become unattended. The real question was “who could replace these men?” Women were the final answer. Many of the women who were once nursing and teaching were know filling roles that were unoccupied. These women worked for long hours and support and began learning new skills, which caused the result of their roles changing. They were mainly employed in food, textile, and war industries. As more men went off, women took responsibility. By the year 1917, 68% of the women had changed jobs since war began, and 16% had moved out of domestic service. The last 16% were unemployed. Many of the jobs the women were taking gave them the opportunity to show a male-dominated society and that they were capable of so much more, not just of raising children or be liable at home. Women at this period of time took over production lines in factories, and replaced men as police officers, mechanics, train conductors, etc. The war became a result of many families being torn apart as women were forced to take on their new roles. A numerous amount of women were also working for the military. As the document shows, the U.S. Navy and Marine Corpse allowed women to enlist. It has been said, that approximately more than 12,000 women enlisted, and about 400 died during the war. World War I provided the final push for women’s suffrage in America. During this era, women started to...
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