Wwi Cause and Effects

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Causes and Effects of WW1
There were causes and effect of the Great War. These causes and effects are game changing plays in the war. Like how trench warfare happened or how the Zimmerman note made the Untied States join the war and how it changed the war. Also that it all led up to the peace treaty of Versailles. All these causes made the war more devastating and crucial to the world. Trench warfare happened because of the machine and artillery gun. Soldiers had to build these to take cover from the machine gun. The cause of this made war sound horrible because of the bad conditions in the trenches. Also there would be a lot of diseases, which made people die more then the war itself. Trench warfare would also lead to shellshock, which made people commit suicide. You can see how the trenches were and how they were built in document C. Trench warfare led to a lot of casualties, which eventually lead to the Zimmerman note asking Mexico to help Germany. The Zimmerman note was a letter intended for Mexico but intercept by the allies and sent to the U.S. In document D it was sent to Mexico to make war on the U.S. This eventually angered the U.S. this made us declare war on Germany and go help the alias. When the U.S joined the allies it changed the war completely. It brought fresh American troop to the front and made the allies stronger. This would eventually lead to the end of the war, which led to the treaty of peace. The Treaty of Peace was made to end the war. In document F it states that Germany was the only cause of the war. Germany strongly disagreed but could not do anything. Also it made Germany look bad even though it had started with Austria-Hungry. This angered Germany and they wanted revenge. These were all strong causes and effect of the war. Trench warfare was a really big cause of the war. While the Zimmerman note and the peace treaty were effects. If none of this would have happened people would be...
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