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Personal selling- a face to face conversation between seller and buyer prospectives with an aim to facilitate exchange between two culminating in sales. Personal selling prospects- who to or whom to serve

Segmentation to targeting(who to serve) positioning to differication(whome to serve) Selling- is an exchange of goods and services , prices,consideration,exchange of ownership, information, and feedback. Exchange- information about product, price, quality,benefits,warranty details,equity,after sales services. Feedback- performance of product,satisfaction,suggestion,complains and problems,how to improve the solution, Personal selling differentiate from promotional mix

i. Immediate feedback
ii. You can modify your communication after feedback
iii. Establishing the customer relationship
Selling phages
Pre-purchase, buyers are few not many,element of communication,cost are very high,personal selling is the team activity,cost per call or cost per prospects are very high, Salesmanship- all knowledge, skills, attitude, benefits, having with the person called salesmanship Objectives of p.s- information, persuation, relational, image building Essential aspect of personal selling-

i. Knowledge of the company
ii. Competation
iii. Selling process
iv. Buyers, buyers process, selling skills
Evulation of selling in selling
I. Selling to marketing
II. From customize to customization
III. From selling a product to provide solution
IV. From inside focus to outside focus
V. From conflict of in insight to collaboration
Use of personal selling-
i. When customer has high involvement product
ii. Channel is zero level
iii. Channel is very short
iv. B2b situation
Retailer has also a personal selling –store and non-store based selling Arts- creativity,
Science-skill, process, knowledge, testing points
Types of personal selling- industrial, services, retail selling Ethic – rule and regulation of selling
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