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  • Published : April 14, 2012
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Together, Canada and the United States, on behalf of the Allies, made military contributions in the Second World War, albeit with varying results. Canada had declared war on the Axis Powers only a week after Great Britain and France had made their declarations. The war continued on, and Axis victory was being averted by sheer Allied bravery, even though Britain was near to collapse and France and the rest of Europe had long fallen. Allied victory seemed impossible, until the United States entered the war in December 1941. It was a turnaround and a triumph of American material and logistics superiority. Canadian contributions were not as decisive, yet helped provide stability and note-worthy support to America’s swift and decisive military actions, which helped to bring the war to a predictable end. The Canadian effort was more intrinsic, in nature, and was not very impactful; however Canada’s support to Great Britain proved to be crucial for the latter after the loss of their ally, France and before the Soviet alliance. The participation of Canada, in the Second World War was the largest combined national effort in their short independent history. Canada entered the war willingly, since it realised that Nazi success in Europe could definitely threaten the existence of Western civilization. During the “Phony War”, from 1940 to 1941, the Royal Canadian Navy helped protect convoys of troops and supplies to Britain. Canada was also the biggest British training ground, with the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan based there. Its military was active in the war from early on – mainly in the Italian Invasion, Northern Europe and North Atlantic. Full-fledged Canadian involvement in war came with the Battle of Dieppe, which was, in reality, a failure for the Allies, but it gave them a first-view of German defences on the French coast, later to be very useful for future operations on D-Day. Canada was also involved in the Allied invasion of Sicily, in 1943 and the D-Day...
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