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Ww2 and the Economy

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  • November 2012
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When most people think about the Second World War they think of fighting and death. But most people forget about the economic aspect of warfare and the effects of war on the economy. And therefore I have written an essay about those. Because I think it’s important to look at more than one aspect of war. In this essay I will look if war can be good for the economy. You will also see that although some countries fought on the same side, there are some differences. Before the Second World War things didn’t look very good from an economical point of view. After the first world war there was a big recession at a lot of places all over the World. In Germany this happened because they needed to pay reparations. In other countries that had fought because of high unemployment. This unemployment was very high because a lot of soldiers didn’t get a job when they returned to their homes. The economy didn’t show much improvement in the years that followed. As a matter of fact things actually got even worse. This was when the Great Depression started in 1929. This was a worldwide economical depression and a lot of men lost their jobs and industry was slowed down by this. The Great Depression wasn’t something that only affected the lower-class and middle-class, but it also affected the rich population. Things started to get better when many countries left the gold standard. The value of a currency was determined by this. Although this helped in some countries, other countries were a bit late with doing this (like the Netherlands). Therefore the start of the Second World War is sometimes seen as the end of the Great Depression. But why you may think now. How can a war help to get out of an economical depression. There were a few reasons for this. Firstly, the Second World War created a lot of new jobs. Of course a big army was needed on both sides so a lot of men joined the army. Most of the times this was better paid work than they had done before and some men wanted to...

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