Ww2 and Cold War

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1. Reasons Japan Attacked at Pearl Harbor after General Tojo takes over Japan he starts to expand it across the pacific, including European colonies, so the U.S. puts an oil embargo on Japan. Japan attack because of this and Hawaii = in pacific. 2. Attack at Pearl harbor- created by Yamamoto- 12/7/41. 359 Jap planes, only 29 shot down. Pearl Harbor = shallow= special torpedo’s created. Sinks 8 U.S. battleships. U.S.S. Arizona= 1 3. War Production Board/War Labor Board- took over industry in U.S. / set ceilings on wages of workers=wage restrictions 4. Intermittent Camps- concentration camps for japs in u.s. 5. War Bonds/ Women at War-taxes + war bonds pay for war/ women’s begin working in industry 6. Battle of Coral Sea-Japan trying to take New Guinea and Australia = magic=broke Jap code. 7. Battle of Midway- turning point in the pacific war.

8. Island Hopping- 1942 = taking back all the islands the Japs took. Guatemalan= first island taken back. 9. Casablanca Conference – 1943 Churchill and Roosevelt wanted t attack through Sicily and than Italy, goal= unconditional surrender of Germany in the end. Both would fight till the last man. This kept Russians in war. 10. Teheran Conference- said Eisenhower in charge of Africa. Determined to storm Normandy= Big 3 11. Potsdam Conference- held July 1945 near Berlin. Truman took over. Stalin and Churchill still alive. Said Japan must surrender or be destroyed, Tokyo bombings. 12. Atomic Bombs- Albert Einstein tells FDR to start building one. $ 2 million given to Manhattan project. Building took place in 30 sites. July 16, 1945 = 1st bomb detonated in New Mexico. Opinhemier. Bombs = 8/9/45-Nagasaki. 8/6/45= Nagasaki, 9/2/45 = end of war. 13. Taft Hartley Act- in response to strike. Repubs control congress= pass this. Banned closed shops = didn’t have to join union to be employed. 14. Prosperity in the 1950’s/60’s why? - Military developments = improve society. Jobs in military fields appear. Energy = cheap and plentiful 15. Cold War- lasted 40 years between 2 super powers, soviets/u.s. political and economic war. 16. Berlin Aircraft- June 1948 = U.S., brits, France, want to make Germany a country. Soviets afraid so block all access to Berlin by ground. Soviets try to delay shipment to West Germany. So 10 months = U.S. brits and France airlift to cities of West Germany. 17. Containment Doctrine- containing the speed of communism= why we fought nam and Korea. 18. Truman/Eisenhower Doctrine- we would give aide to countries fighting communism. 19. Marshal Plan-sec. of state= stop spread of communism by helping countries survive rough times. 5/14/1945 = Truman recognizes Israel as country 20. Nato/ War saw pact- NATO= 9 west European countries join in April 1949 = U.S., Canada, Ireland in military alliance. / Russia + east European countries in western Pact = 1955\. 21. Mao and China-Mao defeats chiang kai shek= china becomes communist 1949. 22. 1948 Election/ Fair Deal, Demcoratic party split 3 ways so Truman won/=mini new deal, approved housing appointment and extended social security. 23. Korean War/ NSC-68- Korea= divided, supposed to be temporary involvement. UN sent troops but U.S. did most of fighting. / National Security Council 68-1950 quadrupled defense spending on war. 24. McArthur fired by Truman- MacArthur insists on using nuclear weapons in Korea and China when we pushed N. Korea back to china. So Truman fires him. 25. Yalta Conference- Feb. 1945-big 3 met here, discussed find defeat of Germany and discussion of after the war. Structure of UN created. Stalin pledged to enter war in Japan to help the U.S. within 90 days of European war end. 26. National Security Act- rearms during peacetime.

27. 1952/1956 Elections- 52’/54’- Eisenhower wins
28. Senator Joseph McCarthy-was taken out by Army lawyer Joseph Welch because MacArthur was throwing out accusations about communism with no evidence. 29. Eisenhower Republicanism-he was liberal and...
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