Ww1 Weapon Essay

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  • Published : November 23, 2010
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deadly weapon during the world war I

David Seo
Mr. McKenzie
Oct. 28, 2010

Thesis: Poison gases should be banned from the battlefield because they have fatal and catastrophic effects on humans, the nature, and they were not as effective as other weapons for winning the war.

Poison gases had many deadly effects on human bodies. Chlorine, phosgene, and mustard gases were mainly used (First World War). “Deficiencies of chlorine were overcome by phosgene and they were used mixed with equal amounts, with the chlorine helping to spread the denser phosgene” (Poison). They inflicted damage to the eyes, nose and throat. Chlorine could also “destroy respiratory organs such as lungs, bringing on chocking attacks” (First World War). Mustard gas was mostly delivered in artillery shells. It caused serious internal and external bleeding and blisters which were “extremely painful that most soldiers had to be strapped to their beds” (Poison). Mustard gas also burned skin when in contact, and cause blindness (Cruxton 89). However, human bodies were not the only ones that were affected by the poison gases.

Poison gases also have negative impacts on the nature. Chlorine gas is very harmful to organisms living in water because chlorine dissolves very well when mixed with water (Chlorine). Chlorine is one of the most reactive chemicals and it reacts with other chemicals in water, creating more sodium chloride, which is salt. If there are more salt in water, many freshwater fish would not be able to live in water since they cannot tolerate large amount of salt. Chlorine gas is also harmful to animals and plants when they inhale the gas since it can easily escape from water and enter the atmosphere. Animals and plants don’t store chlorine but repeat exposure to the atmosphere of chlorine can affect their immune system, blood, heart, and respiratory system.

Lastly, despite all these harmful effects of the poison gases, they were not as effective as other weapons for...
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