Ww1 vs Ww2

Topics: World War II, World War I, Treaty of Versailles Pages: 6 (2180 words) Published: May 30, 2013

World War I and World War II are two battles that will haunt Germany and many other countries for years to come. When thinking about World War I, the Great War, my main thought is that it is the cause and reason for World War II occurring. Many believe that Germany was at fault for really just being in the wrong place at the wrong time during WWI. They did not want to clean up their mess of WWI and broke the Peace Treaty of Versailles which was the World’s only hope to ending all wars and creating peace. WWII came around and no one expected what was to come from the evil Germany. Who knew that various lives would be taken and many would not go home to see their families ever again. Everyone in Europe and Africa thought the trench warfare from WWI was bad, but the sprout of WWII would be far more devastating.

Why did WWI occur? One could say the true trigger was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand the prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and his wife, by Serbian Black Hand terrorists in Sarajevo, the largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on June 28, 1914. This empire declared war to Serbia and as Austro-Hungarian empire's allies were Germany and Italy, they helped them to fight against Serbia. Serbia had allies too, mainly Russia. Russia's allies were France, United Kingdom, and later England which would be known as the Triple Entente. Russia declared the war on Austro-Hungarian Empire right when they discovered Serbia had been sent to war. Later, the UK declared war in August of the same year. Due to the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, Russia retired from the war. This is when the United States of America declared war on the Triple Alliance, Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Germany, and Italy. Once war was declared on Germany many French and British people jumped with joy due to past rivalries between the countries. Because of the USA declaring war, France and the United Kingdom were able to beat Germany and Austria Hungary.

Before Germany and Austria-Hungary were defeated, Germany had been making a plan since the Bismarck invasion. This plan was known as the Schieffen Plan. The plan was made to encircle the targeted country quickly to surround and destroy the enemy. Germany used this plan when attacking France. The plan required Germany to not hold any soldiers in reserve and to go through Belgium in order to head south into France. Belgium held up a fight and England threatened to enter the war if Germany did not step away. On August 18th Germany had defeated Belgium and set sail for France. After making it through to Loraine, Germany headed towards France’s army. They went to France from the north and quickly defeated the French at the battle of Namur and the British at the battle of Mans. At this point they were low on numbers, but had enough to win the war still. The German’s continued to follow the French towards Paris until they needed to split up to encircle the French Forces. After defeating the French army they seemed to be superior over the French’s forces. England came in between the gap that the German’s made while surrounding the French and made a fracture within Germany’s force. For the first time Germany was moving back. By this time Germany hardly had the strength to make it to Paris let alone win a battle once they made it there. So the two lines made trenches 800 yards away from one another. The German leader knew there was no way he could beat Russia, England, and France but he put all his resources into a fight that lasted until November 3rd when he decided to focus on the Eastern Front instead. On the Eastern Front Russia had been taking over Austria rapidly. The Schieffen plan came into play once more and Germany surrounded Russia’s army and Russia soon gave up. The Austrians were already defeated by Russia due to miscommunications with Germany and Austria. Austria had no idea that Germany had even invaded France at the beginning so it was...
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