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Topics: Equal Rights Amendment, Women's suffrage, Rights Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: February 14, 2012
Historical Background:
* The war brought all economic opportunities
1. Guys have gone off to the war so women get jobs to support their families * Nurses in the army
* air raid signaling (warning others of suspected attacks) * auxiliary work with armed forces (relaying messages) * munitions factories (stuffed bombs and worked with ammunition) * This is quite surprising because munitions work was dangerous and very unhealthy.

* Uplifted their social status
* Women fought with the men on the fronts (if they received training) * The right to vote (1926 post war)
* 49 years later 27th amendment was born (women have equal right to men and suffer equal consequences) ERA Equal rights amendment * note that women rights weren’t really given weight until civil rights movements

As far as objectives go, the ultimate objective of the women in that time period was to establish themselves as useful and as determined as their male counterparts. They did that by getting involved in the war, breaking social norms, and going farther than women had before.

80,000 volunteered as nursing assistants in the Voluntary Aid Detachments, VAD. Women in the VAD had only basic first aid training and were not paid, so they tended to come from wealthy families.

Women worked beside the husbands for the first time in history
The Right to Serve procession made the government change their minds about women working as this was the only way to keep up production, whilst The Sexual Qualification Act actually allowed women to work in the same jobs as men. In 1919 Oxford allowed women to study degrees for the first time. Women could stand for election into Parliament and Lady Astor was the first women to be elected into a seat in 1919. Women were able to vote at the age of 30 in 1918.

These women...
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