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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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A Fatal Mistake

Albert Einstein once said,” You cannot prevent war and prepare for war at the same time”. A country entering war is not a very smart choice considering its consequences, but it’s a bigger error to unite to it when its conditions aren’t as good to handle its way through it. During World War One many countries entered the war and faced many difficulties after. This war lasted from July, 1914 to November, 1918, and was mostly centered in Europe. One of the counties to make a mistake by joining was the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire entered the war in 1914 after signing a secret alliance putting them in favor of the Central Powers. The Central powers were made of German Empire, Austria-Hungary, The Ottoman Empire, and finally Bulgaria. Their worse resolution of the problems they were encountering was joining the World War One and contributing with the Central Powers, which took a big step towards its fall.

The Ottoman Empire was put in a situation where their merge to the World War One was seen as their only solution. Before the war started the Ottoman Empire was made of seven major different ethnic groups, which were the following: Turks, Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians, Greek, and some Circassions. There were about 25 million people, but mainly Turks. Their major religion at that point was Sunni Islam. It was part of Europe and Asia, between Greece, Bulgaria, and Russia. The crisis in the country was at worst when they first entered war.. The Ottoman Empire was called “the sick man of Europe”, because of its weak empire, as an effect for the lost of the Balkan War in 1913. Their major reason to its enrollment in World War One was Germans pressure into its participation to the war and its contribution with the Central Powers. Then they singed a secret treaty called the Turco-German Alliance in August 1914.This not only caused the Ottoman Empire to become enemies with the Allied Powers which cause them to declared war on November,...
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