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  • Published : March 13, 2012
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Marcus S-Moore
Period 1
Modern World History
WWI Essay

Have you ever wondered why World War I started? In the late 19th century European leaders thought that by creating a balance of power, meaning all major countries in Europe had equal strength, such things like war could be stopped. However, Germany made and alliance with Austria-Hungary and Italy. France, Britain, and Russia then made their own entente or agreement between their governments. On top of this, tensions rose high in the Balkans and the region was considered a powder keg that only needed a spark to set it off. This spark came in the form of a Serbian group called the Black Hand assassinating the Archduke of Austria. So what were the underlying causes of World War I? The war started for many reasons but there were three major reasons: the formation or alliances, militarism, and imperialism. One key contributor to World War I was the formation of alliances. By 1914 Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy had formed an alliance, called the Triple Alliance and Great Britain, France and Russia had formed another alliance, called the Triple Entente. After the assassination the Archduke of Austria, Austria wants and apology from Serbia, this makes Serbia angry. Russia then promises Serbia help, making an alliance. On July 28 1914, Austria declares war on Austria-Hungary. Russia being alliance with Serbia then declares war on Austria-Hungary. Since Austria-Hungary was part of the Triple Alliance Germany goes and declares war on Russia. France and Great Britain then rush to their ally Russia’s side and declare war with Germany and Austria-Hungary. Because of the alliances a conflict between two countries grew into a war involving between eight European countries. Another basic cause of World War I was the Arms Build-up or militarism.
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