Wuthering Heights Symbols

Topics: Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë, Hindley Earnshaw Pages: 4 (886 words) Published: December 29, 2011
Wuthering Heights: A Critical Guide to the Novel
Emily Bronte: landscape near her home in Yorkshire
Strange, isolated world where passions of all kinds run deep •Isolated farmhouse
Not only the setting of the novel, but the nature of the people and their occupations and obsessions •Earth, air, water. Wrestling trees, changing skies, rocks, wild flowers •Doorstep of the parsonage: the graveyard, wraps around the house on two sides •Death was a familiar visitor: Emily lost her mother and two older sisters at age 7 •Death is a major image and pre-occupation of Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte's Life

Borne as the 5th child to the Reverend and Cornish wife
Emily was 3 years old when her mother died of cancer
Her sister looked after the family
At the age 6, she was sent to join the 3 older sisters at a school for children of the clergy •Emily stayed at home for the next years with her remaining siblings •They entertained themselves by creating their own worlds. Influenced by Romantic novels. •Talented in painting. Images of animals.

During these years she developed her love of the Moors. Brief attempts to live away from home for the rest of the life. •She went to school with her older sister but was homesick. "Liberty" Her health was broken. •Leads to Catherine's earnings for the Moors at the end of her life. •1838: Post as teacher at Lord Hill near Halifax.

1842: Brussels
Remained home after 1842 to look after her father.
Plans to open their own school failed, they worked as teachers and governesses •Value of poems by the three sisters was published disguised •Love of freedom, earth, air, fire, water, passionate intensity in love •Wuthering Heights: December 1847.

Emily died of TV died on the sofa at 30 years old.
Wish of dying young was created in Heathcliff and Catherine. Structure and Techniques
Two narrators, outer and inner frame
Lockwood: Outer frame of the story. Grange and Heights as he...
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