Wuthering Heights- Catherine and Isabelle

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  • Published : May 13, 2011
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Neither Isabella nor Catherine are forced into marrying, Heathcliff or Linton, respectively. Although they make their own choices, they realize, very soon, that they have entered a place where they will never be happy. For Isabella, it is Heathcliff's harsh treatment towards her. Whereas for Catherine, it is the self realization , that her love for Heathcliff, is stronger, than her love for Linton, and that she can not live without Heathcliff

Isabella doesn't adjust in Wuthering Heights after her marriage, due to Heathcliff's rude behaviour and offending language. She has never before been exposed to a treatment, like Heathcliff's, as she had grown up in a civilized family, at Thrushcross Grange. She gets scared and frightened, ending up in writing Nelly a letter, that begs forgiveness from her brother, and a request for a meeting between her and Nelly. Heathcliff tells Nelly that, "She even disgraces the name of Linton". We see that he is physically violent with her as well. "He seized, and thrust her from the room".

Initially, with this kind of attitude, Isabella, finds it very hard to adapt to the environment, but then gradually, she finds a way to live with it. She starts to, or at least pretends to, ignore Heathcliff, and not take, what he says, to her heart. She refuses to expose her vulnerability, to him, thinking that it would stop him from taking advantage over her. After Catherine's death, when Isabella,tells him, that Hindley's eyes looked exactly like Catherine's, Heathcliff threatens to kill her. "Get up, wretched idiot, before i stamp you to death!". But still, Isabella continues to talk about Catherine, making him even more furious.

Catherine, on the other hand, is impressed by the Lintons. They are civilized, calm and cultivated- in short, completely opposite of the residents of Wuthering Heights. Catherine beacame one of them, once she got married. she was more caring and "She seemed almost overfond of Mr. Linton; and even to his sister,...
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