Wuthering Heights

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Wuthering Heights is a masterpiece of Victorian era Gothic strongest works. It has typical Gothic factors. Wuthering Heights embodies the main features of the Gothic novel, but Emily to deepen novels topic, characterization of the different kind of environment and creative narrative methods, that reason make Wuthering Heights goes far beyond the traditional Gothic novel. The author is using the traditional Gothic description way to make the novel fascinating. Author is describing the Byronic hero Heathcliff to enlarge the conflict of the novel. Finally, the author skillfully uses the environment description approaches to enhance the theme of the novel. Heathcliff is a child who was abandoned and picked up by Catherine's father--Old Shawn Liverpool Docks. As a foreign member of the family, in addition to Catherine, other people hate him, alienating him,especially Catherine's brother Hindery become the new holder of Wuthering Heights, he hated and abused him in every possible way①But Catherine was close to him, and they grew up together and become lovers. At this time, the rich, handsome, decent Linton appeared, Catherine faithless and decided to marry him.② Heathcliff lost Catherine. He distressed and left the Wuthering Heights in a thunderstorm's night. Heathcliff returned to Wuthering Heights after three years to carry out his revenge plans. He abducted Linton's sister Isabella, he abused her in their marriage. He repeatedly went to see Catherine. After the death of Catherine, Heathcliff becomes a split ghost, frantically destroying all harmony and beautiful things. Until he committed suicide in order to pursue the love with Catherine. Visible, ③ that proves the theme of Wuthering Heights is the traditional Gothic themes. Tyrannical villain hero, is the most prominent point of Gothic novel, one of the most compelling characters. Most of these characters occupying dignitaries, they are using illegal means to climb up, and they took the money very important. They...
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