Wuthering Heights

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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Wuthering Heights
In Emily Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights she depicts the balance of good and evil and does this so through her characters and their relationships with one another. Emily accomplishes this through her multitude of biblical allusions that depict the disolant road that older Catherine trots down, while Heathcliff and Edgar bash skulls for the hand of Catherine more than once. Each of these complex relationships take place with different intentions. One has selfish intentions while the other has pure hearted intentions. This creates a veil of anticipation for each of the characters that is constantly strained and only creates more turmoil within the Wuthering Heights community. Thus love for the wong reasons ulitmatly end up in their imment self-destruction. Following along with the theme of love hate, greed and selflessness one of the most distinct characters in Wuthering Heights is Edgar. Even though his character is in a broad point of view dull he does exemplify qualities of true honest love for the older Catherine. This unconditional love towards her later in the book creates friction with three of the main characters as him and Heathcliff bash heads more than once for the love of older Catherine. On one hand Heathcliff has devilish motivations for the hand of Catherine, while Edgar reveles that his love is unconditional, as shown here, “No mother could have nursed an only child more devotedly than Edgar tended her. Day and night he was watching and patiently enduring all the annoyances that irritable nerves and a shaken reason could conflict.” In this little piece of the book tells a tale about the feelings Edgar has towards Catherine. First of all, naturally mothers are the ultimate care takers as they take care and nurture babies to health. So saying that, “No mother could have nursed an only child more devotedly than Edgar tended her.” Is also saying that since a mother’s love is boundless and all focused on one child that that one child...
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