Wundt and Titchener

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  • Published : August 1, 2012
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There are many similarities between Wundt and Titchener in which their research varies. The research that Wundt was conducting was called what we believe to today as Modern Psychology. Titchener had a slightly different name for his researched and called it Structuralism. One thing that made their theories similar was that it was the study of the mind and how it works. They studied different reasons why the brain and memory was different and had a different way of working. Wundt and Titchener both studied sensation and perception and how they work in the brain and they become mental function. They both studied the brain and the way it works but focused the research on different reasons and how it works and concluded with their own thesis. They started the research and it was surrounded by the organization of the brain.

The world of physics is considered the subject matter of psychology. It differs from other sciences because it deals with one’s experiences. With physics it is based upon what one person see as having and what they have felt or seen before and have found to be true. I think of light and dark and how do I know what night and day looks like. I would be asked how I know it is night and I would respond by saying “Night is when I can’t see past 10 feet in front of me and when day comes I have great visibility for miles to see.” There has to be an experience from the past that gives you the clue that there is a difference between two things. If people haven’t experience anything then their brain can’t tell the different and won’t be able to know that there is a difference and what it is called.
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