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The Han Emperor Wudi accomplished many things and his life was important to China's history for many reasons. Wudi did many things to improve China's civilization itself. He ruled from 141-87 B.C. Wudi was the sixth emperor of the Han Dynasty. He became emperor when he was 16. He was a very fierce ruler. Wudi lived from 156-87 B.C. In that length of time that he was alive, Wudi did many things. Wudi had many accomplishments. He used his army to expand the empire. He also used his army to capture southern China, Korea, and Vietnam. Wudi sent Zhang Qian to explore the West and the information he brought back about his discoveries led to trade along the silk road. Wudi made Confucianism his religion during his reign. Wudi had harsh, but effective punishments. He also offered gifts of silk, cattle, gold and other items to Western diplomats. So as you can see, Wudi had many accomplishments. Wudi's life was important to China's history. Wudi joined the Yellow River to Chang'an and connected two main centers of trade in china. He created a network of granaries. He enhanced China's civilization in different ways. Wudi constructed the Great Wall, which was a major success. The Great Wall wouldn't be the way it is today if it wasn't for Wudi. He also held the military campaign against Xiongnu. He did much to enhance China's civilization. He expanded territory, and provided means in which economy and trade could flourish. So as you can see, Wudi's life was very important to China's history. So as you can see, Wudi accomplished many things and his life was important to China's history. Some thought highly of Wudi and others did not think he was an effective ruler in the Han Dynasty. Wudi had a lot of ups and downs while ruling in the Han Dynasty. He turned out to be a very successful ruler in many areas.
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