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  • Published : July 29, 2012
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Africa currently harbours a bludgeoning population of youth at the most dynamic stage of their lives. Within the next ten years; it is a safe generalization to postulate that Africa would be a large bank for head hunters, local and global Industries for making safe-cost employee recruitment choices. The global competiveness for budgetary reduction, fast paced efficiency in product delivery and dividend of technology sophistry would necessitate a paradigm shift from traditional human resource recruiting models to innovative approaches positioning Africa labour population as beneficiary. However, as exciting this asset may seem, it could also be a precipitate to an evolutionary trend of destruction and political upheavals in the region. Therefore, for us to be able to harness these evolving populations of young minds for both current and future advantage we need good leadership, strong institutional system and value based personality who holds the future in perspective in everything they are doing. It is on this premise to equip myself for global responsibility and widen my scope of impact to vulnerable group in the society that I have decided to choose the NGO and Development Management (M.Sc) for Masters programme. Overtime as evident in my resume, my passion to help solve social issues has endeared me to volunteering on a couple of humanitarian organization which has optimized my skills competence and giving an in depth proactive knowledge to channeling my passion to profitable social venture. My undergraduate degree on English Language and Communication coupled with my hands on experience in programme design, funding support and ensuring funds for impact outcome on projects. A careful look at the course module in this programme really sparks my interest as evident in the learning outcomes after the course of study which are very, very and very relevant to development sector. International...
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