Wrongly Convicted

Topics: The Police, Crime, Conviction Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Nicole Harris: Wrongly Convicted
Casey Shedden
March 9, 2013

Nicole Harris: Wrongly Convicted

In 2005 a mother, Nicole Harris was accused of murdering her son that was 4 years old at the time. In October, the people in appeals court threw out her conviction, after she spent 7 years in prison due to being wrongly convicted of killing her 4 year old son Jaquari. When Nicole Harris was released, she hugged and kissed her oldest son, who at that time of her being accused of killing her 4 year old, was 5. In October, on the 7th, her conviction was vacated due to of her extensive 27 hours of interrogation, and she was then threatened by the police, and manipulated.

The first time the police confronted Harris is when she was in the hospital chapel, where she was taken after hearing the news that her 4 year old son didn’t make it. When Jaquari was found, it was on the Northwest side of the family’s home. When they found him he had an elastic bed sheet cord that was wrapped around his neck. When Diante was 5 years old, the boy told the police that the last time he seen his younger brother is when they were playing and he wrapped the cord around his neck during the playing time. The cops wouldn’t let Diante testify on his mother’s behalf. The Prosecutors wrote down that Diante also told them that he was sleeping when Jaquari was died, and that they insisted that she did it because he wouldn’t stop crying.

When they overturned her conviction and learning about Diante’s knowledge on the cord, if he would have testified, it would have over turned everything, and it would have proved that Jaquari’s death was accidental and a false conviction. Even though she was released, her case was being reviewed and she could be retried, but as of right now there was no information of her being retried for a crime that was clearly stated she did not do, it was an accident and the police threatened her, and pretty much made her confess killing her son, which is...
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