Writting Skill

Topics: Happiness, Health, Holidays Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: April 25, 2013
People often have different attitudes and options with regard to the ideal job they prefer. Recently, there have been strong debates on whether or not a job with more vacation time but a low salary is better than a job with a high salary but less vacation time. Many people hold the ideal that it will be better to choose a job with a high salary and less vacation time. Contrary of the option of many people is my heartfelt agreement with the ideal that the job with more vacation time and a low salary is better. Admittedly, there may be one or two advantages of the job with a high salary and less vacation. One advantage is that such jobs allow people to gain more money and envy from others. For example, a lawyer is one kind of such jobs. Most lawyers earn a lot of money and public admiration because money acts as a necessary in the modern society. Another strength involves the possibility that sub jobs make people lead better lives. When people choose sub jobs and have lots money they can buy delicious foods, live in good housing, purchase high quality commodities and goods, healthcare, and so on. Even though there may be one or more advantages of sub jobs, the merits of the jobs with more vacation but low salary far outweigh them. First of all, if people choose the job with more vacation but low salary, they can become better healthier and happier. This kind of job means people have more spare time. They can have a good relaxing time on vacation, which is helpful to their health. On the holiday, they can do many exercises and play sports to reduce stress and release tension. When people have a lot of spare time, they can also enjoy more recreation and amusement, which are the elements of a happy life. In contrast, those people who have a high salary but less vacation time focus merely on their work. As a result, they ignore their physical and mental health, and may be overwhelmed by pressure. So, more vacation jobs give people health and happiness. From my point...
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