Written Task on a Dolls House - a Fable

Topics: Lion, Cheetah, Henrik Ibsen Pages: 4 (1354 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Written Task 1

Narrative text – Fable

Fable on Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House.

Student Name: Seif El Din El Nadoury

IB Candidate number:


IB English language & literature HL

Universal American School Dubai

Date: 17/12/2012

Rationale Word Count: 297

Fable Word Count: 997


In this fable, I will try to illustrate the themes of money and reputation in the drama A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen; and how having them as a priority in your life will eventually cause your life to fall apart. Which links back to Part 3: Texts and Contexts.

It is a rather unusual way of exploring the issue but I intend on showing insight into the way people perceive money and reputation. I thought that the best way to teach a morale or lesson is through a fable, which is the purpose of the text. As I mentioned I will try to focus on the themes money and reputation and the problems that are created through them.

The Cheetah shall represent Nora, an animal that can adapt o live both a dependent and independent lifestyle. An animal also associated to power, grace and beauty. The lion shall represent Torvald. Lions with their big manes are considered the ‘kings of the jungle’. That is a sign of their power and strength. The lion with the biggest mane is considered the leader of men, which is a sign of how important social image and reputation is for a male lion.

My target audience would be children over the age of 6. That is because a fable is only a fraction of real life is like and it only shows examples to simplify the understanding of the text. A fable must be simple enough for a six year old to understand.

I believe that the time this text is published would be a rather modern time because it requires knowledge of both the themes and the animals; and it would be released somewhere in Africa, because of the cultural context involved and knowledge required of lions and cheetahs.

Life of the cheetah

Once upon a time...
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