Written Task Dolls House

Topics: Henrik Ibsen, Woman, A Doll's House Pages: 4 (1165 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Prescribed question:
Power and privilege: “How and why is a social group represented in a particular way?

Title of text for analysis:
A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen, Norway 1879.

Task is related to course section:
Part 3: Literature texts and context

Task focus:
This essay focuses on Ibsen’s way of representing women, it explains why does he represent them in that specific particular way and how the time, era and context he lived in affected this aim. It states that women are represented as capable and independent individuals because of Ibsen’s concern of society’s acceptance of this new role of women. It compares women showed in “A Doll’s House” with the actual women of that time. It uses examples and quotation from the text in order to prove Ibsen’s posture towards the topic, and to answer the question of how and why women are represented in that particular way.

Written Task:
Henrik IIbsen was a Norwegian playwright, very concerned of women and human rights in general. Because of his thoughts and worries he wrote a play, “A Doll’s House” in 1879, which took him to being one of the most important Norwegian drama playwright. In this play he expresses his thoughts of how unfair women were treated in those days. The typical female stereotype was the mother and wife that usually stayed at home and took care of the children and house cleaning, the ones that sacrificed their lives and their personal goals for what society expected women to be. Ibsen’s idea for the play was to show how this stereotype had to change by accepting women as equal individuals as men. For this he created different women characters that expressed how wrong it was to follow this stereotype because of society. Throughout the play we will see women breaking this ideal stereotype, proving men and society wrong. In this essay we will reveal the how and why were women represented in this particular way.

We already know that Ibsen had concerns of how women were...
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