Written Task 2 Diary Entry

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Written Task 2

Anushka Rajbhandari
Ms. Rubeena Shrestha
English A: Language and Literature
Date: 6th May 2013


Title: My Diary
Are of Communication and Type of Text: Diary Entry
The recent improvement in mass media and technology has brought a drastic change in the society. People’s perception of life is being influenced constantly and with it the representation of teenagers in movies has changed. Earlier movies portrayed teenage girls as distractions and sexual objects. However recent movies shows specific species of teenage girls, where girls are either portrayed as the good girl, the slut, the popular one, the princess and many more. This representation has certainly affected teenagers around the world. Many teenage girls relate to these movies and try to do things that happen in movies. Movies highlight the importance of beauty and popularity among teenagers. This affects the viewers as they become narrow minded. Viewers start believing that being the bad boy/girl is the key to everyone’s ultimate goal of being liked by everyone. I am writing a diary entry as a girl who was fat but due to the influence of media makes a series of wrong decisions that lead her through a series of events. A diary entry would be the best way to express this girl’s thought and feelings because she can freely express herself in her diary. She is scared that people will judge her. This diary is organized backwards so that the reader will see how she is in the present, and then how she was in the past. I have taken references from movies like “Mean Girls”, “High School Musical”, “10 things I hate about you” and many others. The recent trend of chatting and texting has changed the way people spell words and this influence is evident in Ally, the diary writer. Therefore, I chose to use the texting script. I have focused more on the part 2 of the course.

My Diary

13th February 2013
Can’t believe how tacky my thoughts cud be. I can’t believe how I could...
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