Written Rational of Negotiating with Learners, Understanding Inclusive Learning, How to Integrate Functional Skills and How Communication Can Be Delivered to the Learner

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Written rational of negotiating with learners, understanding inclusive learning, how to integrate functional skills and how communication can be delivered to the learner

Teaching is based on many different ideas which all come to gether to help create and deliver a session to a group of learners. It is important to understand how, communication, inclusive learning, functional skills and negotiating with learners can lead to effective learning. Planning teaching and sessions can enable all learners to have the same opportunities to learn equally and will help the teacher to achieve their learning objectives.

Negotiating with learners
Assessment should be used for teachers as well as learners Life long learning UK (2007) Assessment is a valuable tool for both Teachers and learners to assess how and whether learning has occurred, according to Scales (2008) The principle purpose of assessment is to help people to learn; it should not be about testing people to see at what point they will fail. It is a method of elevating learners to a higher level of learning Everett (2012) Initial assessment occurs at the beginning of the course or precourse to obtain information about the learner’s skills and knowlage to date. Formative assessment helps the teacher to see how learners are progressing before moving on to other topics. It includes the effectiveness of the teaching and learning-taking place. Summative assessment is carried out at the end of the module or the course to assess whether the learning objectives have been achieved this can be via an exam. Other Methods of assessment include the following,

* Simulation
* Project and assignment
* Portfolio
* Written questions (essays and short answers)
* Verbal or oral questions
* Professional
* On going assessment
* Questions and answers
* Assignments
* Debates and discussions
Initial assessment should help agree goals between the learner and the teacher; it is god process to help ensure the learner feels supported and happy.

Inclusive learning
Inclusive learning Is about recognising that each learner is if different and each learner will require different information or aids to help them learn, it is about understanding that no one learner should be excluded from any activities within any session. In terms of learning this is where the teacher can really empower their students. According to Petty (2009) Inclusion, diversity, entitlement, differentiation, ensuring equal opportunities and personalized learning require teachers to treat students as individuals.

When planning sessions it is important that the teacher plans for inclusion, an effective way to do this is to make sure session plans are written beforehand and “includes methods that appeal to visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic learners” Wilson (2009) Sessions should follow a structured style, that includes a introduction, middle and end, it should also include lots of interaction between the teacher and the class, but also make sure there are lots of things to do such as quizzes, visuals (PowerPoint) and games. The teacher should also analyze the class as it progresses to make any needed changes but also make an effort to make sure everyone in the class feel included. “Support your less able learners and stretch the imagination of the gifted ones” Wilson (2009)

The Use of different resources to help each learner get the most from the session is important, aim to be creative with your learners, if there is a lot of talking in a planned session create hand outs to aid visual learners to help them follow, a great way to invite kinaesthic learners to learn is to give them hand outs and ask them to fill in blank words as they go though the session, by making sure the session is varied and has lots to do ensures that the needs of VAK are being met. Great resource openers, fillers and closers include word searches, quizzes, and crosswords can be given to those learners who are quick to...
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